February 14, 2022

The Most Damaging Tree Trimming Technique

Hat Rack Pruning, also known as Tree Topping, is the absolute most damaging tree trimming technique.

Hat Rack Pruning, also known as Tree Topping, is the absolute most damaging tree trimming technique. It will kill the tree.

Hat rack pruning is a method of cutting off a tree’s lateral branches at random lengths, which then destroys the tree’simage of a topped tree appearance and leaves branch stubs that will eventually start to decay. This tree topping technique is a surefire way to kill a tree long before it has had the chance to live its natural life cycle. Yet there are still people/companies in the St. Louis area topping trees.
topped tree

The Dangers of Tree Topping

The practice of tree topping creates large, open wounds that become exposed to the elements, to harmful insects, and to decay. The branches are destined to die a slow death, consumed from within by rot, until they break off and fall, damaging anything in its path. The tree will also eventually die as more and more branches rot and break. And the drastic reduction in the leaf surface damages the tree's root system, leaving it more susceptible to uprooting.

A topped tree decreases your property value too, increases liability, and may lead to an insurance issue. You should always seek out an opinion from a professional, Certified Arborist before allowing anyone or any company to trim your trees. And please avoid companies who promote Topping!!! Never be pressured by bargains either -- "you get what you pay for"

A Certified Arborists not only has a duty, but a responsibility, to educate consumers and only recommend proper tree care options no matter if the customer insists on topping. A Certified Arborist would turn down any job insistent on topping. See guide from TreesareGood.org

Proper Pruning

A properly pruned tree looks untouched as if no work has been done at all. Certified Arborists will spend time carefully selecting and removing branches while maintaining the health, natural shape and appearance, and safety of the tree. To have your trees inspected and trimmed by Professional, Certified Arborists, please give us a call or submit the quote request form. We have Certified Sales Arborists and Certified Arborist Tree Climbers.